Russell Square Theatres

Russell Square Theatres Situated in Bloomsbury, Russell Square sits near the main buildings of the University of London and the iconic British Museum. A tube station shares this elegant garden square's name and is found to the north-east. A listed building that opened in 1906, Russell Square station is on the Piccadilly Line. Although Russell Square is beyond the traditional borders of London's lively West End, the area features two leading theatres with a full calendar of productions. Both theatres are within a short walk of Russell Square tube station.

Shaw Theatre

The Shaw Theatre at the sophisticated Pullman London St Pancras hotel is a 446-seat venue. The inviting theatre plays host to a range of musical theatre and drama productions, as well as dance performances and music concerts. Over the years, the Shaw has seen performances by Dionne Warwick, Eartha Kitt, Dame Judi Dench, Vanessa Redgrave and Boy George, and productions of Zigger Zigger, Of Mice and Men, Twelfth Night, Maggie's End, and Golda's Balcony. The theatre was also used as a rehearsal space for the 1985 Live Aid concert.

More recently, the Shaw Theatre has attracted the attention of Broadway and off-Broadway productions. The stage is also used by regional and independent theatre companies for short and medium length runs. The Shaw Theatre was originally known as the Library Theatre in honour of the St Pancras Library, which was once housed within the theatre's building. Built in 1971, the Shaw was fully refurbished in 1998. It was renamed in honour of Irish playwright and Nobel Prize laureate George Bernard Shaw, who wrote 63 plays during the course of his life. A spectacular contemporary sculpture commemorating Shaw's play Saint Joan sits outside the venue. Situated close to King's Cross and Euston stations, the fully accessible theatre is within a ten minute walk north of Russell Square tube station.

Bloomsbury Theatre

The Bloomsbury Theatre on Gordon Street has a diverse programme of comedy, drama, music, dance, film and other performing arts productions. From opera to stand-up comedy, the welcoming theatre offers a flexible space for innovative performances. Up to 20 different companies and events use the theatre as their stage in any given month. The Bloomsbury Theatre has long has a reputation for comedy performances and has seen performances by some of Britain's most popular and accomplished comedians, including University College London alum Ricky Gervais.

The spacious theatre features a 535-seat auditorium with excellent sightlines. Owned by University College London, the Bloomsbury is used for student productions over 12 weeks during each year. The building itself is also home to the university's fitness centre and its clubs and societies centre, as well as three university shops. Professional productions are staged for the rest of the year at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Opened in 1968, the theatre was previously known as the Central Collegiate Building Auditorium and the Collegiate Theatre. The current name was adopted in 1982 to better reflect the theatre's location and local production companies. Situated to the north-west of Russell Square tube station, the Bloomsbury is within 10 minute walking distance from Russell Square.